Kudzu’s Indie Dealers

Kudzu is also home to some of Atlanta’s best independent vintage dealers, each sourcing their own distinct and one-of-a-kind products. And each with their own theme and flair. From vintage home decor to vintage clothing, midcentury modern to farmhouse chic, you’ll find it at Kudzu. Immerse yourself in a haven for vintage enthusiasts and experience the eclectic charm of our store. Experience the Kudzu difference and why we’re the ‘best antique store’ in Atlanta!

Meet Kudzu’s Dealers


Lilly’s background as a visual artist strongly influences her eclectic inventory. She is most interested in creating an inviting space that highlights ORIGINAL ART, both vintage and contemporary. Pottery, colorful vintage textiles and unique upcycled furnishings will also be found within ARTSY’s tasteful sales area.


Spice up your kitchen with a unique set of SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS! Whether you are a collector or simply looking for a special gift, these unique sets are sure to impress! Dozens of styles to choose from. You’re sure to find a set you like!


John and Duke met while working at Kudzu, and based on their shared passion for history and love of vintage, created their partnership. They strive to bring a refined MID-CENTURY aesthetic, complemented by folk art and turn of the century elements.


A longstanding vintage enthusiast with an Arts background and a passion for VINTAGE FASHION and home design. Rachel seeks out special pieces that represent cultural richness across the decades and her joy is to share it with everyone! She is inspired by the sustainability of vintage and how it allows the exploration of a dynamic aesthetic.


I grew up antiquing, and after discovering a passion for ECLECTIC DESIGN AND MODERNISM, I opened up my first space. Now, I’m able to keep that passion alive and share my particular sense of design with others.


Camille of Cameoko Jewelry is the artist and maker behind this crushed GEMSTONE AND BOTANICAL RESIN JEWELRY line. Her joy has been selling her unique jewelry creations at Kudzu and the support she has received from the community. She loves being part of the ‘Zu!


George and Kate, Kudzu’s owners, love seeking out the unusual and unique, such as this collection of CARNIVAL MEMOROBILIA from a 1950’s English carnival and SOUTHERN FOLK ART from self taught artists such as R.A. Miller.


Black Cat Caboodle is a leading international provider of RARE AND OUT-OF-PRINT ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS ON OCCULT, RELIGIOUS & ESOTERIC SUBJECTS. An array of eclectic ephemera, oddities and antiques are also available online at their website. Skyler was raised in the antiques business, and with Christina’s background in publishing, they make a perfect pairing for their scarce offerings!


My booth is Corra Collectables Limited (CCL). I’ve been at Kudzu for 20 years and love buying and selling things that folks need and enjoy. I sell just about everything but specialize in OLD CAMERAS, VINTAGE BUTTONS AND VINTAGE MATCHES!


Claire Was Here, aka Claire was originally from Atlanta, now living near Lake Lanier with my awesome cat Shimmer. Inspired by my dogs and cats, I make designs to sew onto UNIQUE KITCHEN TOWELS, with added humor and inspiration. I also love painting on vintage record albums, many of which end up on towels too!


Crafts & Love focuses on highlighting natural beauty through minimalist, geometric lines to create affordable, HAND-CRAFTED JEWELRY. Every piece of jewelry is handmade by Courtney in her home studio in Atlanta, GA. She has been running Crafts & Love full-time since 2013.


My booth is inspired by my father whose love and absolute reverence for beautiful antiques led to my own love of the same. He believed old is better than new and anything can be fixed. He was also fond of the old adage “discard nothing.” What I love about finding, fixing and selling old pieces are the stories. Where did it come from, who ate dinner at this table and what did they talk about?


For those who love Crystals and Gemstones, Bruce’s booth will delight you. His knowledge of gemology and crystallography is extensive and he brings in wonderful specimens from around the world. He also features beautiful collections of framed butterflies.


My name is Rosa and I’ve been selling antiques and vintage for 50+ years. Former mall owner in Pennsylvania. I like all genres of antiques and collectables; I especially love cameras and typewriters and phones. I am also partial to fun things and vintage clothing.


Flippy Floppy is a celebration of KITSCH, mid century modern, and all things fun and colorful! Kim and Tim are both artists in the film industry and enjoy cultivating finds that come from all decades. They carry vintage finds that are suitable for both film sets and home décor. And a great selection of vintage HAWAIIAN SHIRTS!


Liz is the owner of the vintage business Funhouse. Having a background in design gives her a passion for incorporating history and whimsy into her work. She believes bringing something into your home that someone else has loved makes your home more… homey! And fun. Who drank champagne from that coupe? Who put their socks in that dresser? Who went to Paris and brought home those mid-century tourist prints? That makes for a ‘fun house’! Get it?


Diane loves dogs and her dogs are featured on her “Good Boy!” sign. Things you will find in her booth are items with dogs on them, pottery, handmade items, things made of wood, vintage toys, and kitchen items. She also likes things used for measuring, so you will find old rulers, yardsticks, slide rules, measuring cups, and scales.


Honcho Vintage blends an eclectic mix of multicultural furniture, art, lighting and décor spanning a variety of periods and styles including: MCM, EAST ASIAN, MIDDLE EASTERN, and PRIMITIVE. Their space features original art, textiles, sculptures, and ceramics. It’s their joy to share this curated collection with you!


Channon curates one of Atlanta’s best selections of great VINTAGE CLOTHING, FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMAN. All of her clothing is inspected, repaired and cleaned where necessary. Come discover your next great wardrobe item!


Johny Loves Retro is a duo of Johny and Rod. They have been a team and a couple for 30 years and their love of vintage, mid-century, antiques and RETRO KITSCH has been the driving force behind JLR. They enjoy making people happy with unique objects to enhance their homes and lifestyle!


I’m Ken and I’ve enjoyed devoting my retirement to the delights of “The Hunt”, searching for vintage “oddities and obscura” to pass on at great prices. I specialize in UNIQUE SMALL VINTAGE FINDS. Meeting new people and hearing their stories when buying and selling fulfills my day. Come discover my finds!


Mod City Vintage, based in Birmingham, offers a curated selection of MID-CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE, along with original works of OUTSIDER ART. Paul leverages his training in design history, scouring the Southeast for unique pieces that contribute to an inspired living space.


MotherEarthlings. Reincarnate. Reimagine. Repurpose. Recycle. Salvation for the once treasured, now orphaned relics from the vast and unique people of Earth. UNIQUE VINTAGE ITEMS! This is my purpose claims Gigi! Bienvenidos, MotherEarthlings!


Mark at MoCo Vintage specializes in curating DESIGNER FURNITURE. Art. And OBJECTS FROM THE MID-20TH CENTURY. With an eye for modernism and a background in custom furniture making. Mark enjoys bringing professionally restored high quality pieces to MoCo’s customers.


Nice Pieces – Kjell is a master at creating UPCYCLED ITEMS INTO LAMPS, and loves searching out cameras, antiques, art, collectibles, and other decorative vintage pieces.


My work is inspired by the juxtaposition of mixed metals, textures, and strong geometric shapes combined with whimsical elements. It includes jewelry, metal wall art, and metal air-plant holders.


Suzanne, of Hunt & Peck Vintage, prefers unique and eclectic decor in her own home and ends up sourcing the same interesting items for her booths. She enjoys revamping VINTAGE FURNITURE WITH UPDATED PAINT COLORS and pulls. Her favorite things to shop for are artwork, lighting and smalls that will make you smile when you see them in your own home.


Donnie’s Pilgrim in Progress booth offers one-of-a-kind, HAND CRAFTED LAMPS, TABLE AND BENCHES FROM RECLAIMED WOOD, and other custom products created from local and reclaimed wood.


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Blake’s SOUTHERN GOTHIC INTERIORS, where time stands still and divine femininity reigns supreme. He seamlessly blends the sultry allure of 1920s boudoir with a hint of macabre intrigue. From ornate details to weathered textures, every element whispers tales of mystery and nostalgia. Step into “Powder Room” where faded grandeur dances with haunting charm.


Carla’s Blue Sage is a family-owned business that RESTORES VINTAGE FURNITURE WITH A MODERN LOOK. They also build benches and tables from reclaimed wood. Their shop is full of lovely restored and handmade furniture plus wonderful COTTAGE STYLE HOME DÉCOR.


We’ve all heard the saying “they don’t make them like they used to”. Well we decided to turn that ethos into a business! Our passion is breathing new life into vintage pieces, and in doing so we aspire to make furnishing your home not only more affordable, but more sustainable.


READY TRADING specializes in NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL CLOTHING DESIGNED IN ATLANTA, and sewn in the USA. Lee focuses on natural fabrics, rich color, and effortless looks for women. Her signature style includes accessories from local artists and artisan communities around the globe. Ready Trading has been a happy Kudzu vendor since 2012!


Hey there! We’re T.E. Wilcox Vintage, your go-to treasure hunters! Roaming the Eastern US for 7 years, we’re all about funky finds—think MIDCENTURY MODERN, BOHO CHIC, JUNGALOW and more. Our treasures are cool, but it’s the awesome people and experiences that steal the show.


WHOA! A Re-Homer of Orphaned Objects. Mary has a reverence and curiosity for the past and a love of assisting orphaned objects on their journey to the next caretaker. She invites you to come by and adopt a piece of history!


Wonderhorse is a curation of items from around the world with an emphasis on unique and interesting one-of-a-kind finds. Andee’s motivation is to show the many cultures and people from different walks of life in the items we love and cherish. She believes honoring our history and the stories of our homes is a beautiful way to express ourselves.

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