Kudzu is extremely proud to be part of World Fair Trade Day this year. Not only are we participating in the event, but we also make it a year-round effort to support the needs of individuals in underprivileged areas by helping them sell whatever items they can make. Kudzu proudly sells items associated with Ten Thousand Villages and other non profit organizations who help people all around the world to sell goods in a fair and just way. The items are not only beautiful, handcrafted, and unique, but they also represent an amazing cause.

To learn more about World Fair Trade and Ten Thousand Villages, please visit the sites listed below. And to participate in our World Fair Trade Day event, come by Kudzu today and pick up a punch card. Between now and May 12th, visit the three places listed on the card (and get your card punched!!) and you can choose one of three great rewards redeemable only on May 12, 2012.