We’d like to send a warm Kudzu welcome to our latest dealers at Kudzu. Stop in to check out their beautiful vintage finds. We’re open daily from 11-7.


Dealer, BLACK CAT CABOODLE, specializes in antiques, oddities, esoteric and eclectic finds. Also known for selling rare and antiquarian books online, but you’re sure to find some special treats in their booth as well. You just never know what you may find from their diverse selection!



Dealer, GYPSY LU, specializes in boho chic and jungalow style. Check out her eclectic furniture finds, colorful textiles, trendy vintage clothing and accessories, and fun cactus arrangements.



We’d like to welcome back dealer, ERIC, to Kudzu. You may recognize his vintage modern finds from years past. He is now back at Kudzu selling many items from his amazing personal collection. From MidCentury Modern furniture to lighting to framed artwork, ERIC has a great eye to bring that touch of modern into your space.



We’d also like to welcome back dealer, SHED, to Kudzu. Carson spent many years as a dealer at Kudzu before moving to Florida to help open an antique mall with friends. She is now back in Atlanta and has rejoined Kudzu’s great crew of dealers bringing in her eclectic vintage and contemporary finds.

In addition to the great finds in our newest spaces, the 80 plus dealers at Kudzu that you already know and love, have been busy restocking their spaces with wonderful treasures, too. Our fearless leaders, Kate and George, are about to embark on another European buying trip in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned for a container full of amazing finds to arrive before the years end. We’re also stocking up on fun gift options for the upcoming holiday season! It’s a wonderful time to visit Kudzu. We’re open daily from 11-7.