For the handy Dad, super cool Blackhawk tool mount boards will keep his workspace organized, and, well, handy. Located in booth HUNTER.

We know, we know: Dad can be hard to shop for. Every year Father’s Day comes around, and there you are in the eleventh hour hoping a card will suffice. It probably would, because dads are great and unconditional like that, but maybe–just maybe–this should be the year to take off from the last-minute tie/golf paraphernalia/macaroni drawing gift-giving you’ve done in years past and knock it out of the park. Lucky for you, Kudzu Antiques has sufficient Dad staples like said golf clubs and ties (in our awesome vintage way), but we also have items so unique and quirky and just-what-he’s-always-wanted-despite-telling-you-he-doesn’t-want-anything-at-all-no-really, he’ll be ready to call you his favorite in no time. In that unconditional way of his, of course.

What’s finer than spending some QT with Pop over some frosty beverages that have been conveniently chillin’ in these vintage soda coolers? Nostalgic and comforting, this combo would be perfect for after fishing, tossing the ball around, or just hanging in the garage. Ba-bam-bam.

If Dad likes to keep things trim, but loathes the term “manscaping,” these antique shaving mirrors help carve out (see what I did there?) a masculine respite for him and keeps razors, combs, and other grooming accouterment handy. Duke Cannon soap, aka “Big Ass Brick of Soap,” lasts forever, keeps a dude clean, and isn’t flowery about it.

If he’s got a study, man cave, mini lodge, or is just into it, taxidermy never fails. More humane options available (see right).

To that end, keep his space looking cool and functional with such “mantiques” as an old army cabinet, a machinery parts drawer organizer, antique suitcases and the like, a hide rug, or an industrial cart coffee table.

Whatever your Pops is into, we’re sure you’re going to find a variety of unique and distinct gifts for him at the ‘Zu! Stop by soon, but, fyi, you can also come by the day itself, Sunday June 21st, open normal hours 11-7. Hope everyone has a lovely Father’s Day!