We are officially heat beat here at Kudzu, and not to be totally done in by summer–and to keep cool while at it–we’re calling a game night! Also, in this final stretch of summer vacation, we’re figuring you parental units out there might need some indoor activities after all the camp options have been exhausted. Lucky for you and the competitive staff here, Kudzu Antiques in Decatur is ripe for the picking for games right now! Tabletop classics such as Dominoes and Cribbage are in the house, as well as standards like Checkers, Chinese Checkers, and good ol’ playing cards and poker chip sets–in their vintage way, of course. A few esoteric options also available: a well-loved Duckpin bowling set and something entitled “Dice Bowl Game.” Board games are well stocked, too, with several sets of Trivial Pursuit for the smarties and an assortment of vintage TV-themed games for the nostalgia. (Fair warning: you’ll most likely have to explain what “Nanoo Nanoo” or “Up your nose with a rubber hose” meant if you’re playing with anyone under the age of 35.) Lastly, for cool games that just look cool, vintage Pachinko machines are popular and make for intriguing wall art, and early tabletop pinball versions would be great gifts for the Pinball Wizard in the group.  So stop by Kudzu today to get your game on, because BINGO!