potsIt’s summertime, and if you haven’t gotten around to sweetening up your patio or sprucing up your backyard, now’s a good time to head to Kudzu! We have all sorts of options for you, including a fresh shipment of colorful outdoor pots in any shape and size for all your project needs. There’s also upcycled metal art, like giant sunflowers, for a less labor-intense method of adding color splash. If you’d prefer a friend to sip iced tea with, we have hand-sculpted goats, roosters, pigs, bulldogs, oh my! For those of you with a more creepy-cute style, a crow fountain or a cement baby doll head planter would make a lovely decoration for your graveyard–I mean, backyard. Rounding out the assortment, we have an array of arbors, water features, pavers, plant stands, Christine Sibley pots, even a sweet French-style jardin bench. So now’s the time in this crazy heat to get crazy in your yard, patio, porch, deck, garden, what-have-you, with the help from Kudzu!