The Kudzu family is sad to report that one of Kudzu‘s long time shop dogs, Isabella, has passed away. For the past 12 years, Isabella, and her faithful sidekick (and daughter) Charlie, have greeted visitors with a wag, (and sometimes a bark). And truth be told, more than one regular has confessed to being more interested in seeing the dogs than us, especially our younger visitors. But no matter how much poking and pulling some toddler would inflict, Bella would just stand there and gently put up with it. As our staff well knew, she was a bit neurotic, but she loved coming to Kudzu. Nothing made her happier than when Kate would ask, “wanna be a shop dog Bella?” and she would jump and head for the door. Kudzu is proud to be an ongoing supporter of animal care organizations like the Atlanta Humane Society and our hope is that we all care for and appreciate the animals in our lives and in our world. Good-bye Bellabaloo, you old hound dog. We loved you! ❤️