Check out these wonderful custom built fire pits using re-purposed pressure vessel tank heads. All handmade locally here in Atlanta. They are built from roughly 80% recycled, re-purposed or reclaimed products. The pits are approximately 1/4″ thick and are completely welded together. Due to the gauge of the steel used, the fire pits will last a lifetime. The steel will heat up very even and will radiate beautifully. We carry several styles that range from a 30″ – 36″ hemisphere or elliptical on legs or a 30″ elliptical on flanged base. They sit approximately 18″ – 22″ off of the ground depending on the style that you choose, come with custom hand forged handles, have a 1/2″ drain hole to keep water out and come with a free 45″ poker. These fire pits are designed to service 2 – 15 people depending on style and range from $395 – $545 in price. Stop in to see the beauties today! You know you’re always looking for a reason to enjoy some s’mores!