Featured here is an amazing antique staddle stone (two available) dating back to the 1600’s that we picked on a buying trip in Europe and had imported over from England. Mushroom shaped stones used as arhitectural supports and sometimes even land markers. In good vintage condition with age appropriate wear. One staddle stone is covered with beautiful moss, while the second staddle stone has more of a pyramid shaped base. Sold individually, two available for purchase. Will pack a lot of charm and character into any space! Measures approximately 30″ Tall x 19″ Wide x 19″ Deep.

From Wikipedia: Staddle Stones (variations include Steddle stones) were originally used as supporting bases for granaries, hayricks, game larders, etc. The staddle stones lifted the granaries above the ground thereby protecting the stored grain from vermin and water seepage. They can be mainly found in England, Galicia and Asturias (Northern Spain). The base stones taper towards the top with an overlapping cap stone placed above, making it almost impossible for a rodent to climb up and into the hay or grain stored above. The air could freely circulate beneath the stored crops and this helped to keep it dry. The materials used depended on the stone available, giving rise to sandstone, red sandstone, granite examples, etc.

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