Say you know a person, and that person has a birthday (or something like that) in the glorious month of July (or whenever) and she is an amazing person with an impeccable sense of humor. Well, Kudzu Antiques might be a good place for you to stop by as we just got a bunch of fun new gifty items in, like these…

Super handy pouches! Made of sturdy woven recycled plastic, these great catch-alls can take a beating in the bottom of a purse or bookbag while making organizing fun!


If your friend likes to travel or is the type to have a lot of accouterments in the bathroom, these vintage-inspired dopp kits for either him or her could be just the thing for them. Also makes for great conversation in the airport security line!


And speaking of bathroom accessories…This product exists.


Keeping it cheeky, these handy hand soaps are vegetable based and use essential oils, so if the wrapper offends, the soap won’t.


Lastly, if you just still don’t know what to get, tea towels are the well-timed punchlines of gifts: funny, purposeful, and always welcomed.


So if you’re in the market for gifts–and, face it, you’re always in the market for gifts, come check out Kudzu today! (And by today I mean before July 26th.) (I’ll act surprised.)