We’re crazy-in-love with a new kitchen product line that just arrived, Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons. They are hand-carved in Kempton, Pennsylvania by Jonathan Simons, a studied wood craftsman with over thirty years experience, and, indeed, made from wild cherry wood. Believing that his work should strike a balance between aesthetics and utility, Jonathan creates a range of hearty soup spoons, spatulas, tongs, spreaders, salad sets, spaghetti forks, even cheeseboards that combine visual intrigue, purposeful design, and detailed craftsmanship.Tongs lie flat and compact when not in use, and hinge to grasp with a simple 180 degree flip; handles on spreaders and salad forks are flame-blackened with stripes to create warmth and texture; ladles, beautifully grained, have deep cups perfect for tasting as well as serving; salad and spaghetti forks, though whimsically pronged, are fashioned just so to catch that last pendulous piece of lettuce or noodle. Cherry wood, chosen for its handsome grain and color and native to Pennsylvania, is also durable, smooth, and strong. A delight to use and uniquely beautiful, any utensil would make a great gift or addition to your own kitchen. Stop by Kudzu to test-drive them in person!