Once again, welcome to our month-long blog series focusing on the greatest holiday ever, Thanksgiving! To bring you up to speed: we’ve got our table, it’s all decked out, so now we need to get cookin’! And drinking! And eating! All throughout the shop we have the tools and accouterments to help you at any stage of the day, which we have planned out for you thusly (you’re welcome):

GET YOUR HOST ON: As your guests arrive, keep them sated and clear of the kitchen with set out snack dishes and punch bowls. They can help themselves with light refreshment–since, after all, the day is about pacing, ahem–while you…

WHIP IT UP in the kitchen! We have just about every tool or piece of servingware you could possibly require, along with super cool and durable appliances. Seriously, they don’t make blenders the way they used to. And, remember: going vintage is going green!

LAY IT DOWN: Show off your culinary talents and wow your folks with distinct vintage platters or hand-carved boards. You’ve toiled too much in a hot room to let this step befall to the dull disposable aluminum pan.

CART IT OUT: We have some great carts in the store right now, and we can’t emphasize how functionally fantastic they are. Have it work like the opening number where you set it up beforehand and let the guests help themselves. Cocktails, cordials or dessert, on or off a cart, we have the necessary glassware, barware, and serving accessories to cinch the meal in style.

THANK YOURSELF for pulling it off and being smart by shopping at Kudzu for your Thanksgiving needs.

Next week, in the final installment of the series, we’ll discuss how to give thanks to your host. See you then, turkeys!