Get on the edges of your seats, folks, because all month long we’ll be dedicating the blog to the greatest–and too overshadowed–holiday: Thanksgiving! We’re calling the series Everything but the Turkey because, just shy of a bird you have to cook, Kudzu has everything you could use for the greatest Thursday of the year. In Part One of the series we’re starting with tables, the most formidable piece your space may need, especially once you count up your guest list. We have everything from rustic farmhouse to sleek midcentury, all the way down to even a few options for the kiddos! And don’t forget chairs…or benches, or stools. Between Kudzu Antiques in Decatur and our sister store Kudzu and Company in Sandy Springs, you’ll find a perch for all the birdies you’re inviting over. So take a gander at a current table sampling, and check back soon for the next installment!