For our final installment of our Thanksgiving blog series, we have a shout out to those of you who just have to show up and consume food and beverages, you lucky ducks. Please keep in mind that your host has been considering and preparing this fete for at least 48 hours, if not three weeks, so give thanks to him or her by showing up with a nominal appreciation gift. Manners, which you are full of, will go a long way on this day, and, since you are just so lucky, Kudzu Antiques has a wealth of options of host gifts available for your last-minute thanks-givings. For example:

DRINKING ACCOUTREMENTS: cool beer sleeves, wine gift bags, hilarious wine tags, whimsical koozies, flasks, tea strainers, vintage sodas, bottle openers. Go great with booze!

COOKING ACCOUTREMENTS: versatile cookbooks, cute olive/nut dishes, vintage Pyrex containers.

TOILETRIES: soaps (some handmade locally), cheeky toilet water.

THE OLD RELIABLES: uproarious tea towels, fragrant candles. Done and done!

And that’s all folks! Thanks for following our Thanksgiving posts this month. We hope you have a lovely, fulfilling holiday!