Want a taste of childhood past? Vintage sodas now at Kudzu! Come try our delicious icy cold soda pops made with original formulas –  no corn syrup, real cane sugar, yummmmm! Remember Frostie Blue Cream? Nugrape? Nesbitts Orange? How about Moxie Elixer, Nichol Kola, or Bubble Up? Mix and match and make your own 6 packs, or take a home a Vintage Sampler Pack. Bottled using original formulas by a specialty soft drink company, these are a real blast from the past! Flavors available include: Americana Black Cherry • Americana Huckleberry • Bulldog Root Beer • Dad’s Root Beer • Moxie Elixir • Earps Sarsaparilla • Sioux City Sarsaparilla • Frostie Blue Cream • Frostie Root Beer • Bubble Up • Howdy Lemon Lime • NuGrape • Sioux City Birch Beer • Orca Black Cherry • Mr. Cola • Pig Iron Cola • Nichol Kola •  Nesbitt’s Orange • Suncrest Orange.