We know, we know: the summer gets shorter and shorter every year. Bums us out, too, to be mentioning the dreaded “back to school” phrase–in JULY, no less–but turns out Kudzu may have what you need that’s not on the list the school sent. For the dorm-bound freshmen, we have several economical dressers, bookshelves, and nightstands that would be cute and functional in a tight space. To that end, if it’s a whole first apartment that needs furnishing, we have loads of vintage kitchenalia and organizing accessories that are way more charming than what you would find in a big box store. (And remember: going vintage is going green!) If the student still lives at home–whether from age or loans due–we have some great desks that would be perfect as homework stations or contemplative writing corners. Lastly, if you’re doing the schooling yourself, come to Kudzu for some bygone learnin’ materials such as abacuses, typewriters, old-school books, and maps–flat, round, tall or small! Whatever your back to school needs, stop by Kudzu in Decatur for the fix!