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Dealer Spotlight: Steve Meadows

Meet Steve Meadows! And his 120 pound fish! We couldn't be more tickled to have folk artist Steve Meadows filling out a booth here at Kudzu Antiques, and if you've been by lately, you too have probably been tickled by Steve's whimsical upcycled art creations. Pretty much everything Steve makes is from found [...]

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Welcome Our New Dealers!

Things are constantly changing here at Kudzu, especially recently as we just had four--count em, four!--new dealers move in. Please take a minute and briefly e-meet the newcomers: Kitty Hawk has lots of fun retro and mid-century pieces, with a dash of industrial chic here and there. Pin It! specializes in farmhouse and shabby chic [...]

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Dealer Spotlight: Phillip Northman

Phillip Northman, dealer of Z26XX Shopping in Phillip Northman's booth, Z26XX, is an experience more akin to exploring a museum. Each item is individually tagged not just with the requisite name and price, but also with a brief history of its manufacturing or founding, sometimes extensively so. One can get caught up reading the tags [...]

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